Patients Reviews
Let me start by saying I'm oversharing on this review, because someone will relate and if my review could help even that 1 person that relates then it did its job. I have struggled with obesity most of my life, including early childhood. Diagnosed in 2005 with PCOS; I finally thought this is the time I'll be able to lose the weight. I changed my diet (slowly over years); only whole grain, no pop, less fried foods, more vegetables, less sugar, and was cutting out dairy slowly but surely. Life happened, I became a single parent by choice, I had a hysterectomy, now menopause. I was 320lbs at my highest weight (not pregnant), no matter what I did, I just continued to see the scale rise. I fully admit I am lazy, I allow for excuses like work, and family to keep me from exercise. I finally was ready to find the best possible choice for me that was less invasive and allowed me to still absorb some vitamins as I was not a fan of the results from other more invasive procedures personally. I made the decision and within 2 weeks was walking into pre-op. The liquid diets are horrible. Be ready to commit. A few weeks of a liquid diet is worth the extra years of living your best life. I have never felt like I was going to hang out with extended family during a surgical procedure. I have always felt like I was just another body they were putting through a process. Dr. Rayapudi and his team changed that. I was getting warm blankets before I thought to ask, checked on frequently, but not so much it was overbearing (I'm not the socialist of butterflies). Post-Op, I followed the instructions like my life depended on it. I did not have any vomiting and only experienced a few muscle spasms, very little pain at all. I was prepared with medications ahead of time for pain, but didn't have a need. The follow up was on point. The dietician was super easy to talk to. I am now 3 weeks post-op and down 25lbs. I have had set backs, changing to different diets I know what full is and don't want to experience it again. I walk a lot on my walking pad. I stick to the diet; weigh my food, or use measuring spoons and record everything. If you are exhausted, are truthful with yourself and your bad habits, and are ready to commit to a lifestyle change; reach out to this team. If you know in heart of hearts you will stray completely off track, you aren't ready yet, but you will be and when you are this is the team. Do your research on the procedure, join support groups if that is who you are as a person, but when I say I have never experienced a more family like medical team with the highest of compassionate care, I mean it.

Kayla M. | Feb 09, 2024
Everyone was very nice and professional.

Rhonda L. | Sep 24, 2023

Salem N. | Sep 23, 2023
Everyone was very friendly and everything went smooth.

Angel W. | Jul 21, 2023